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*~*Percy POV*~*

Percy woke up four times after being knocked out the first time. All he knew was that he was protecting a severely wounded Annabeth from a mob of Empousa and Dracene when something, or someone, hit him in the back of the head. Hard. Then everything went black.

“He’s waking up again.” A voice hissed as percy squeezed his eyes shut trying to think through the pounding headache he currently was suffering through. “Should I knock him out again?” For a few moments, no one spoke.

“Let him wake up.” A gentler voice said. “Then I’ll think of what to do with him. Now leave.” The person-Percy assumed it was a girl-must’ve been a daughter of Aphrodite because her voice held so much charmspeak that Percy wanted to jump up and run out, despite the immense amount of pain that he was feeling. Not Percy wanted to stay, he just didn’t want to be told what to do by someone he didn’t even know.

The first voice growled something incoherent then said, “As you wish, my lady.” Then, with a lot of shuffling, hissing and ‘oofs’, the creature-Percy assumed it was a monster-was gone. Hopefully.

“Uhg...” Percy groaned then pulled his arms down to rub his pounding head, but to his surprise, he couldn’t. Percy’s eyes shot open before you could say, ‘Sparkly Poseidon!’

“Hey, hey. Calm down.” The girl said, but Percy paid no attention to her.

“Where am I?” He exclaimed looking around frantically. His mind not processing anything that he was seeing until his terrified sea green eyes landed on a mop of blonde hair and limbs. Percy was afraid to say it. “A-Annabeth?” He gasped. The person moved then slowly looked up.

“H-hey, Seaweed Brain.” She murmured, flashing Percy a weak smile. Percy’s terrified expression turned into a furious one when he saw the cuts and bruises that littered her body.

“What did you do to her?!” Percy yelled angrily. He lunged forward towards the girl, but he was quickly pulled back by layers of rope that bound his wrists behind his back and around a slim pole. He growled and tried to stand up, but he quickly realized that his ankles were also bound together by layers of rope.

“Good.” The girl stated while she watched Percy struggle against the restraints that she so expertly tied. “There are a few things that I need. Then I can let you go.” Percy stopped struggling. “Or do whatever I want.” She added slowly leaning towards Percy with every word.

Percy sneered. “What?” He spat earning a slap.

“Do not answer me like that, Perseus Jackson.” The girl hissed. Percy growled and bit back another snappy comment and got a good look at the girl.

Percy gasped when he finally saw her. “Drew?” He asked. She slapped him again.

“Drew is gone. She died when she was banished from Camp Half-Blood, her home, a year ago. I am Dylah.”

Percy blinked twice trying to process what she had just said. “What happened to you, Drew?” Percy earned another slap. His face was starting to hurt.

“I don’t want to hear that name again!” She yelled glaring murderously at the son of Poseidon.

Percy sneered again, but didn’t respond.

“Now,” Dylah said more calmly than before. “For your questions. Weren’t there like three? Four?” Percy stayed silent. Dylah frowned. “Well, if you don’t want answers, I could just-”

“Wait.” Percy sighed as Dylah turned to leave the dark and musty room that Percy wanted so desperately to get Annabeth and himself out of. “Tell me what I want to know.” Dylah looked at him warningly. “Please?” He added reluctantly. Dylah smiled contently.

“Good. Now that I think of it, I remember you had four questions.” She said sickly sweet. “Correct?” Percy nodded stiffly recounting his questions. “The first one-”

“Where am I.” Percy interrupted. “Where are we?”

“Don’t interrupt me, Perseus.” Seethed Dylah. Percy sneered in annoyance. He was getting really irritated with Drew, or as she insisted, Dylah. All he wanted to do was, find a way out of these stupid ropes, free Annabeth, and beat their captors to a pulp. He didn’t care if Tartarus was on Dylah’s side, he was going to do it. Or rather, he wished he could. Anything to ensure Annabeth’s safety and well-being.

“Sorry.” He mumbled angrily. Dylah’s eyes blazed with anger. Without a word, she stormed over to the corner of the room on Percy’s right where a floor to ceiling cabinet stood, and grabbed something out of it. Percy didn’t see what she grabbed, but he knew that it wasn’t anything that was going to help him. Or Annabeth for that matter.

When Dylah had finally stormed back over to reclaim her usual spot in front of Percy, her anger didn’t subside at all.

“L-leave him alone, Dr-Dylah.” Annabeth said weakly. She put on a brave act to talk to Dylah like she had and Percy was so happy to see that Annabeth was still there, but he was also terrified of what Dylah might do to his Wise Girl.

“And what are you going to do about it?” Dylah asked smugly as she made her way over to Annabeth. Percy started struggling furiously as Dylah slowly knelt next to Annabeth who was trying to scoot herself away from the psycho daughter of Aphrodite.

Why can’t she move away? Percy thought, fear and confusion coursing through his body like a drug making him sick to his stomach. Then he saw the chains and shackles. Annabeth’s hands and feet were chained to the wall behind her and on the left of Percy.

“Aw.” Dylah cooed stroking Annabeth’s blood caked blonde hair. “Do you not have a plan, daughter of the wise Athena?” Annabeth breathed heavily as she jerked her head away, but Dylah held fast. “I am the boss here. And I can do whatever I want. If you try to stop me, there will be consequences.” Dylah warned lacing her words with a small amount of charmspeak. Annabeth whimpered not being able to resist the charmspeak. Dylah smiled smugly and threw Annabeth down. Then she stormed back over to Percy who was still trying to break free of the ropes and help his Wise Girl.

“Leave her alone.” Percy seethed as he continued tug against the ropes and the pole. “She has nothing to do with this.”

“Weather or not you understand her importance to me.” Dylah winced. “To us, is out of your concern.”

“Is it?” Percy spat. So much venom was dripping from his voice that the daughter of Aphrodite actually flinched in fear. But fortunately for her, the son of Poseidon was too angry to notice. “Because she is my girlfriend. The love of my life, and I will do anything to protect her. So yes, it is my concern on what happens to Annabeth. To my Wise Girl.”
Wellllll this is something that I just randomly came up with, so I hope you like it. OH! One more thing, there are two endings... I will post them when I finish both of them. So yeah. XD


Nico paced in the dining pavilion pulling at his shaggy black hair in frustration and fear trying desperately to come up with a plan.

“Nico,” Chiron said calmly. “Pacing isn’t going to help Percy.”

“You’re right.” Nico snapped angrily, still pacing. “That’s why I’m coming up with a plan.”

“My child-” Nico didn’t stay to listen. He stormed out of the pavilion and over to the Apollo cabin to find Will.

“When can I use my powers again, Will?” Nico asked barging in without knocking. Will jumped back in surprise.

“Nico!” Will exclaimed. “No powers for at least 2 weeks. Why?”

Nico cursed in Greek much to Will’s disappointment. 2 weeks? Nico thought with a sinking feeling. Percy won’t last another 2 hours in there!

Nico didn’t know why he still cared so much about the son of Poseidon. Nico did once have a crush on the boy, but after meeting Cupid, unwillingly, with Jason, he realized that the feelings he had was just that, a crush, nothing more. So why was Nico so worried about Percy? Percy had a girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena and they were happy together.

And I have a boyfriend. Nico thought. Will. So why am I going after Percy?

Then Nico felt something strange. No, more like heard something strange. It was faint, like a small fly buzzing in his ear. With a sinking feeling, Nico realized what that small sound was. Percy Jackson was dying. Nico had to do something.

“I’m sorry, Will.” Nico said then pulled the blonde into a goodbye kiss.

“Nico, what-” Will started, but Nico jumped into Will’s shadow and concentrated on Percy’s surroundings.

Nico almost stumbled into Percy himself, but he managed to catch himself before he face planted into the older boy’s bloody stomach.

“Nico?” Percy gasped. “What-” Percy wheezed in pain. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m saving your varéli.” Nico said through labored breaths. “And try not to die before I can.”

“No, Nico.” Percy whispered struggling to lift his head up. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if-”

“Percy, stop” Nico interrupted. “I chose to do this. Don’t make me change my mind.” To Nico’s relief, Percy stopped talking. For a moment, Nico thought that the older boy had decided to relax while Nico took him back to camp. But Percy wasn’t moving. And Nico didn’t know if he was breathing, either. “Percy?” No answer. “Percy?!” Still no answer.

“Now what do we have here?” A voice hissed. A dracaenae. Nico thought horrified. How can I fight in this state? I can barely stand!”

“Poseidon, please take your son to safety.” Nico said quietly. Nothing happened. “Poseidon?” There was a faint smell of seawater in the air, but still, nothing happened. Nico growled. He knew Poseidon was listening. And it enraged him to know that he will do nothing to save his only half-blood child. “Fine.” Nico spat. “IF YOU WON’T PROTECT YOUR OWN SON, THEN I GUESS I WILL!!” Then Nico let out the most ear splitting, gut wrenching battle cry in demigod history. The dracaenae fell to their knees and held their ears squeezing their eyes shut trying to keep the sound out. Then, the ground shook. Pearly white bony hands clawed their way through the earth and hundreds of grinning, weapon wielding skeletons suddenly started attacking the recovering dracaenae.

“N-Nico. Please.” Percy croaked. Nico ignored him and concentrated on the beach at Camp Half-Blood. Within seconds, he and Percy were knee deep in saltwater. As soon as Percy touched the water he shook his head and looked at Nico.

“Nico!” The older boy yelled and hugged him. “I can't believe you did that!”

Nico opened his mouth to respond, but he was to weak. Instead, a painful groan escaped his lips.

“Nico?” Percy asked letting go of Nico. “What's wrong.”

Nico still couldn't answer.

“Nico.” Percy said terrified. “You’re fading.” Then and only then, Nico started to feel his body tingle, his ears started ringing extremely loud and he was starting to loose control over his actions.

He was dying.

Nico didn’t think dying felt so peaceful. He sort of liked it. Nico knew that there was no way to save him now, so Nico embraced it and surprisingly enjoyed it a little.

“Nico… Are you okay?!” Percy asked urgently. Nico just smiled then felt himself swaying.

“Woah!” Percy exclaimed, his hands flew up to catch the son of Hades, but Nico went right through the older boy. “NICO!!” Percy screamed banging the sand through the water.

That was the last thing Nico heard before he faded completely.
Nico Di Angelo's Death
Well... Here's the second part... I think I like the bold Nico and the hero Nico not the depressed boy band member that Percy described him as... XP XD I hope you do too.


Piper screamed his name as he fell. Shock clear in his roman features as he numbly touched the spear that went right through the middle of his body.

Piper viciously destroyed all the monsters that were surrounding her and ran like hell over to her dying boyfriend, cutting down every monster that dare cross her path.

“No.” Piper muttered as she collapsed at Jason’s side. “No no no no no no no no. NO! Jason, stay with me. Please.” She begged. Her voice was too weak and broken to hold any sort of special charm. Jason shook his head then winced.

“I’m sorry, Pipes.” Jason said. His voice was barely above a whisper. “But I had no choice.”

Piper choked back a sob.

“But you did.” She protested. Piper started looking around the battleground frantically for child of Apollo. Or better yet, Apollo himself. But her attention was quickly snapped back to Jason when his hand grasped hers.

Jason shook his head again. “No, Pipes.” He said quietly. His startling electric blue eyes stared intently into her multicolored ones.

Piper remembered the day they met. Like officially met on the bus with their friend Leo Valdez going on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. His electric blue eyes stared at her with confusion then embarrassment when he realized that he was holding her hand. He quickly let go, which both confused and disappointed Piper, but she didn’t say anything because she thought that he was just trying to shake off the effects of the short nap that he took on Pipe’s lap.

Piper focused on Jason again and noticed that he had gone unnaturally pale. Piper shook her head again, tears streamed wildly down her face. She opened her mouth to say something, but Jason’s now raspy voice cut her off.

“I love you, Pipes.” He said. His breathing became more ragged and hollow like he was trying to fill an already filled container. “But this is MY quest. They’re MY responsibility.”

“No, Jason.” Piper insisted. But he was already gone.

Piper sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Her whole body shuddered and ached. She was vaguely aware of the battle that was happening around her. The battle cries. The moans of the wounded. The thumps of dead bodies falling to the ground. They were all distant buzzes in her ears.

Piper noticed that all of the monsters had left her alone. Piper became furious. She closed Jason’s eyes, slowly pulled the spear out of his gut and stormed up to Gaea. Purposely unaware of the other demigods protests. The goddess’ smirk twitched and faded into a mask of complete terror when she saw the fury and hatred and bitterness in Piper’s eyes.

Without thinking, Piper plunged her dagger hilt deep into Gaea’s chest and pulled downward. Then Piper tore out the goddess’ heart. Mother earth fell to her knees holding her chest right where her heart should be.

Piper gripped her dagger then pushed it slowly into the heart that she held in her hand. Gaea screamed as she crumbled back into the earth. All of the monsters disintegrated leaving the remaining demigods stunned and the heart crumbled just like Gaea did. Piper dropped her dagger then raced back to Jason’s body. More sobs escaped her lips as she, once again, fell to her knees next to Jason’s body.

Piper realized what the prophecy ment. Not an actual storm or fire, but the flame of fury and the storm of hatred from a too big of sacrifice that fueled these emotions just enough, so that she was able to save humanity.

But was it worth it? Piper didn’t think so. And she hated the gods for it. It was their fault. She told herself. Those stuck up little brats only care for themselves. That thought oddly satisfied Piper. But only for a brief moment because she knew that Jason wouldn’t want her thinking like that.

And just like that, she was sobbing again.
Jason Grace's Death
Wepl... I think I just died... I'M SORRY JASON!!!! Sadly, I am not done. I still have Nico, Hazel, Frank, Percy, Annabeth, Piper, and Leo left to write... DX I think I might actually die while writing these... You all are lucky!! You don't have to write these... Anywho... Please tell me what you think!! XD PS.. This is an alternate version of the ending of Blood of Olympus...



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